How about we fight the wicked together?
My name is Ashley, Toronto born and raised! I'm a native English speaker qui peut aussi travailler en français. My immediate family consists of a programmer, a dog, and a bearded dragon, and we're based in Montréal!
I studied at the University of Waterloo from 2008-2012 starting in physics, then international development, and then geomatics — my mental health wasn't great. During this time I took courses in 5 of 6 faculties (Science, Math, Environment, Art, and Engineering), where I was exposed to many fascinating areas of study and met incredible peers and professors. I left after 2012 to deal with my disability. 
In 2018 I received my Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from Ryerson University. An elective course in human-centred design ignited my passion for UX, as though my patchwork background and empathetic personality could finally contribute towards something bigger. I completed my Certificate in UX Design at George Brown College in April 2019.
I'm also a cosplayer, 3D printing fanatic, gamer, and maker of cheesecakes.
Superpower: People call me radiant because I uplift team spirit and am instrumental in working through problems in team settings. If you want to chat or draw upon my support in a project, just reach out to me below!