​Research, UI Design
I conducted a quick (desktop only) UX audit that graded how the website performed in six different areas:
•  Visibility of System Status: The user's ability to navigate the website and interact with website elements.​
•  Consistency and Standards in Language: The presence of clear CTAs (calls to action) and categorization of information.
•  Aesthetics and Design: Overall branding consistency as portrayed through image use, typography, layout, and other visual design aspects.
•  Trust: Ability for the website to earn user confidence through supportive, clearly defined processes and trustworthy content.
•  Task Orientation: Whether the user can complete specific objectives with minimal obstruction or confusion.
•  Design Practices: General adhesion to responsive and accessible design, as well as simplicity of the site.​​
The major weaknesses of the current website were a slow path-to-purchase and difficulty finding specific items using the site search. There were also easy-to-miss CTAs for newsletter sign-ups and Filabox (monthly filament) subscriptions.
UX Audit Findings
​I came up with a style tile and wireframes in Illustrator. My audit of and personal interactions with motivated me to preserve the brand image while simplifying the finding of information.
Home Page
Home Page
Product Page
Product Page
​From the wireframes, I developed a mock-up in Adobe XD. 
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