Women's Coordinated Separates
Fall 2015
Intermediate Fashion Design

The challenge was to find artwork at the Royal Ontario Museum to directly inspire a women's top and bottom. This pairing was inspired by a statue of the fiery Buddhist dharmapala, Fudo Myoo (source photo lost to an old phone).
Origami Textile Prints
Winter 2015
Fundamentals of Design & Colour II
Cosplay: Raven Branwen from "RWBY"
May 2018
Anime North
Outfit breakdown:
•  Mask: Worbla, foam, spray paint, ink
•  Top & skirt: Linen, cotton, poly-wool blend, upcycled pleated skirt, double knit
•  Weapon: 3D printed in PLA (.stl files by NenZilla on Thingiverse, now removed), acrylic paint, wood filler, epoxy
•  Accessories: Beaded necklaces, feather boas, red contact lense
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