I used Tim Ingold's Taskscape Theory and ethnography to identify the stages of course enrolment. First I course intended myself to develop a participant observation form, then went through course enrolment with five individuals while taking notes. 
After they finished intending, I interviewed the participants one-on-one about the entire experience, including how they had prepared for it, and how they felt now that it was finished.
Participant observation form.

Participant observation form created for the course intention process.

From both the observation and the interview, I developed an experience map detailing the actions, thoughts, and feelings of students during enrolment, and pain points encountered.
Experience map of the student journey in course enrolment.

The resulting student experience map.

I created a research poster and presented my findings to my peers, as well as to the Interim Chair of the School of Fashion.​​​​​​​
After graduation from the School, I learned that my project helped to inform the 2020 curriculum restructuring by proposing ways of enhanced communication between administrators and students.
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